Monday, October 19, 2009

Holy Cow!

I promised to write about things that cause ripples....well..the little jar above certainly rippled my life! I have chronically dry skin and had resigned myself to becoming an alligator. ......Not any more. this stuff is amazing!
It's not greasy, it's not stinky (it's got a nice light clean smell to it) sinks right on into your skin it doesn't stain.

My skin feels amazing!
If you have dry or rough skin you've got to try this!

and it's incredibly cheap.


  1. oh I've know about that stuff for ever..the kind I get is called bag balm..I sent some to a friend in Ohio who had dry hands so bad they would bleed...fixed them right up...I love this stuff..

  2. Granny, it's amazing... my skin feels so good I want to go up to perfect strangers and say "Pet me!"

    I almost got the bag balm but I was unable to resist the pun of udderly smooth. I may get some bag balm and compare the two.