Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Steppford Children - Dangerous Beauty 2

Does anyone care to guess how old the children in these photos are?
Well they're both under 12....and the one on the right is 5 years old.

Why is a 5 year old wearing more makeup than I wore one halloween when I dressed up like a madame? I wonder what sort of message having someone pile so much gook on her face gives a child of such a young age.

Is it all just fun?(I love a good costume - thoroughly enjoy cosplay - this sort of thing could be like that) or is it damaging to the child's self image? To me it seems a bit like some sort of fancy kennel club competition.A child show rather than a dog or horse show. It's all rather off putting because there's no way that it could be the kids idea (not the wee ones in any case)

I live in the south, where big hair and beauty pagents are a big deal. I've known friends who put their kids into these shows. It's pretty much normal to spend over 1000 for a dress. One dress.....for a kid. and it's a dress that can only be worn once or twice and it's not indestructable....or bullet proof.I've got a friend who's bought 4 of these monsters for her daughter...they don't make coffee or take out the trash or anything else useful. They just take up closet space. This child didn't have any books..but she has 4 one thousand dollar dresses. I remedied that whole no books situation pretty quickly.

it's a mystery to me.

why would someone's mother subject their child to torturous hours of hair and makeup..and then stuff them into little ruffled cages?


  1. Ok, I have to remember, as I write this, that I see - like everyone - through the lens of my own experience. Maybe there really are little girls who enjoy this kind of thing, that it is instrinsic to their nature to want to do child beauty pageants...But even allowing for the fact that I was you basic tree-climbing, mudhole digging tomboy baby dyke, I am absolutely HORRIFIED by this. 4 dressess for 1000.00 each??? And the make up and the poise...there is a dangerous feeling of almost child pornography attached to making these children look like miniature fashion much damage does this do to their psyche later when they grow up, gain weight, their bodies change? What kind of veiw will they have of their bodies and themselves? Good god, who judges these competion? If its a group of men, I am going for my gun now! Yeesh, this is one creepy post!

  2. oh the photos creep me out. I've seen the ads for Toddlers and Tiara's (google it)'s just scarrier than any Jason or Freddie movie.