Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joy...the ultimate rebellion.

I know...I am SUCH a geek...but JW's words really struck a nerve with me when I heard them.

I haven't posted here for a bit I've been busy fighting some inner demons and shoveling out my mental/emotional stables(check out my other blog if you're interested or if you just want to roll your eyes - I've been whining, wubbering,angsting and wailing all over it). I took time off to just be completely inwardly focused - not an easy thing for me. It was needed though.

Back to pursuing my arch enemy (the point).

The concept of the expression of joy being the ultimate act of rebellion...just tickles the hell out of me on so very many levels.
The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Think about it.... a lot of todays great battles are being fought over happiness pursuit (which by the way is a constitutional RIGHT!)

Things that bring one joy...

Things you wouldn't think should be a legal issue... like who you're in love with, who you marry, who you have sex with.... you'd think those very simple thingw would just be left up to the individuals and not meddled in by our government. But no... they're NOT left to the individual for some reason someone decided that those simple bits of personal joy had to be dictated to and restricted by laws.

That's so very wrong.

How do we fix this? well.. it's not going to be easy - but proudly expressing your joy is a's a great way to rebell when you think of it. Be prepared though, being joyful will cause envy (which in some ways I think is the root of most problems). Envy will in turn cause anger which will result in some harsh rocky times...but I think and hope that in the end that human beings are kind and rational enough to actually LOOK at things. See people happily living their lives.....causing harm to none and actually making the world a better place because- well- they're happy.

Think of it, happy joyful people don't start shit. I'd wager that not a single war has been started with happiness at it's root cause. Somehow I just can't see joyful people causing others pain. Most happy people that I know are more focused on that happiness and actually sharing it with others.'s my point...yeah..I had one...Rebel against the machine by expressing and feeling joy.


  1. Given to me from Cameron in chat

    cameroncelt: Btw, it won't let me comment. So here is what I wrote - maybe you can stick in on there. It doesn't like me tonight! "Wonderful! Well stated. I don't know why people can't let each other be...surely even those that believe their way, whatever it may be is the only one true way, should realize that forcing their beliefs on another is futile. You cannot force someone to change themselved at sword point through legislation and sword point.
    One of the most radical statements ever made, "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" that is now a bumper sticker clishe, is one of the most effective ways I know of to spread holy joy. Let us go forth and LIVE!"

  2. Caveat, being a minor detail type person. This country guarantees the right to the pursuit of happiness, but not the happiness itself.

  3. Oh I am aware of that....but I believe that people should be allowed reasonable freedom in that pursuit.