Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ripples in a pond.

I suppose you could say that this blog is my pebble into the virtual pond.
It's an imperfect metaphor but have you ever dropped a pebble into a pond or watched as rain fell into a puddle each drop makes ripples that spread out getting progressively larger.

Each person in the world represents a portion of the greater whole... we're all drops of water in the bucket..pebbles tossed into the pond. our actions no matter how insignificant produce ripples that whether we see them or not affect the world around us. Each and every single drop makes a difference and adds to the whole ...every pebble causes change...

Some pebbles/drops are bigger than others(Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Hitler, Jim Jones, Ghengis Khan, Nelson Mandella) those usually make a splash and cause bigger deeper ripples. There are both good and bad pebbles/drops, it's up to each of us what sort we become...

Free will, baby - it's God's greatest gift and biggest cosmic practical joke (and lets just be clear here...by God I mean the supreme creator of the whole she-bang as I personally see him/her....your God or lack thereof is your own personal choice and I'm cool with that ... it's all good. At the end of the day it comes down to whatever gets you through the hard times...and I just happen to believe in God and mine has a wicked warped sense of humor- just look at the duckbilled platypus, sex and the Bush family - somebody somewhere is laughing their ass off while we poor hairless monkeys scramble about trying to figure those things out.).

But that's a whole nother post... for now it's all about ripples.

Each drop/pebble causes a ripple..each ripple spreads out growing larger as it goes -
You want to test that?
Do something kind for a complete stranger with absolutely no expectation of thanks or even acknowledgement.
You'll feel great...and so will they...odds are pretty good you'll enjoy the feeling so much you'll want to do it again...congrats..you've started a ripple in your own internal water... odds are good that the person you helped will go on and either help someone else or they'll tell someone about the nice stranger who helped them out and brightened their day and that person will smile and carry the story and sometimes the sentiment and action on with them.
At the very least you'll most likely each go away from the moment smiling...the funny thing about smiles is that when you give them ...they get returned and spread.

One of the coolest illustrations of rippling has to be Juan Mann's Hug Project

It never fails to make me smile - see there..one pebble..causing a ripple...that caused another.
To find out more about Juan - go to his site

I think that the point of this post is to show that one person can make some sort of difference in the world...it's up to the individual to decide what he or she wants that difference to be - positive or negative.


  1. OK, it's only 5:08 in the morning, the pharmacist hasn't even opened the dosing window, and I've watched this video twice. Now I'm crying. It'll add my own ripples.

  2. Ok...me too! Wow - gonna get one of those t-shirts!!! Amazing! Thanks - and I am going to stick this Utube on Facebook!

  3. Awww sorry for making you cry...but yeah.. go forth..get one of those tee's and spread the love.