Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've never wanted to hurl a teacup at the Mona Lisa...

I was just reading the headlines while having my morning grapefruit juice (hey don't judge.. it's vitamen C and better for me than the vat of coffee that I really WANT to drink.) and it seems that yet another loony has attacked a piece of art. Fortunately Mona is behind bullet proof glass so she was completely unphased by this latest attack.

Look at her though...she's all caged up. That's rather sad for all the art students who'd really love to get close enough to check out the brush strokes.

For some reason throughout history there have been people who just go off their nut and suddenly attack art. Mona's glass cage came about after someone threw acid on her back in the 50s.

The "Night Watch" by Rembrandt is another famous work that seems to inspire violence. It's been slashed, stabbed and given the acid treatment too - fortunately Rembrandt used a whole lot of varnish and the acid attack merely brushed the surface of that and ultimately resulted in the piece being fully restored ( whoo hoo..thank you crazy person!).

What can I say? Art provokes least successful art does.

Go to your local museum ..or if you don't have a museum handy go online and browse for art - it's all over the place.

Look'll find pieces that move you (hopefully not to vandalism)

Art is the way we chronicle our lives..sometimes its what we use to make sense of things that are too outrageous for putting into words. It's a means of expressing outrage. Images that may outlast the history books biased reporting of "the facts"

One of my personal favorites is "keep your coins..I want change"

preach it brother.


  1. Whooo...good post. And don't forget the destruction and restoration of Michalangelo's Pietà ! I like the "keep your coins...I want change" the best too.

  2. Oh there are so many great pieces of art that have been damaged or destroyed by violent loons I took the lazy way out and resorted to just scratching the surface and throwing out a couple that most people would recognize.

    Almost everyone knows of David...but the Pieta is more obscure and to me it's a much more beautiful work.