Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Want to know what keeps me going despite clients who don't pay, insane hours, unrealistic expectations etc?

Days like today.

I've got the flu - it's nasty. I've had it since thursday and have worked on with it (it's what I do). One client in particular has required a lot of phone time - tight tight deadline which I met on a huge project. Evidently my work ethic impressed them. There was a knock on the door a little while ago - then even louder and more insistant because I wasn't moving fast enough to suit the delivery driver....

I opened the door with a bit of a snarl - looking like death wrapped in a blanket.

There was a box - cans of chicken soup, an assortment of teas (mostly English) a tin of homemade cookies an aroma therapy candle to aid in breathing and a get well card.

Yeah....there are days when it's pretty damned good to be me.

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